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ASHPE Announces Annual Awards Competition Has Come to an End

TWINSBURG, OHIO, August 14, 2019 — The American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors (ASHPE) has announced the cessation of its annual ASHPE Awards Competition after 18 years.

ASHPE was founded in 2000 to recognize and enhance editorial excellence and performance in the healthcare publishing industry. ASHPE was founded by Richard H. “Dick” Green, a veteran of numerous publications and editorial associations, with guidance and eventual leadership from managing director Nancy Blanchard.

The first ASHPE Awards Competition was held in 2001 and grew steadily through the years, always evolving to meet the needs of its members. Many participants attest that the most significant benefit of winning an ASHPE award was the prestige, esteem and bragging rights they received from promoting their ASHPE Award Winner logo in their publication and related marketing tools.

ASHPE wishes to thank all of the many editors, publishers, art directors and creative staff members who participated in the awards competition over the years, as well as the judges whose industry knowledge and expertise made the award program one of honor of distinction. We wish you all the best for your continued success in the pursuit of editorial excellence.

Please direct any questions to (new e-mail address).

ASHPE Awards Competition Overview

Focus sets us apart!  For over 19 years, ASHPE has been recognizing excellence in the healthcare publication field and our awards have become a coveted symbol of distinction. We recognize there is a difference between the healthcare publication sector and the general business publication community, so with our competition, you are competing with peers in your own field. Every publication has an equal opportunity to win an award no matter the size of the staff, budget or circulation. Our competition is open to all U.S.-based writers, editors and graphic artists involved in the healthcare publishing industry and doesn’t require a membership to participate—everyone is encouraged to showcase their talents.  

You will appreciate that our digital entry process is incredibly simple! You can submit the entry forms all online, as well as upload the actual entries (with a few exceptions, see below). 

General Competition Information

These are general guidelines--more detailed instructions can be accessed when actually submitting entries for the competition. 

Who is eligible to participate?

This awards competition is open to writers, editors and graphic artists (staffers or freelancers) working for healthcare publications, both print and online. Some healthcare-related custom publications (e.g., those produced for a specific association) are also eligible to compete. Publications commissioned and sponsored by single vendors (e.g., pharmaceutical or insurance companies) or that promote specific products are ineligible and will be disqualified without a refund.

Why should I enter this Awards Competition?

Here’s how one highly regarded editorial professional answered this question:

“The ASHPE Awards Competition allows the members of the healthcare industry to be judged against their closest competitors — those in the same sector — rather than a publication in a totally unrelated field. These awards are very prestigious for both the individuals and their respective publications and they truly represent a symbol of excellence. The chance for your work to be judged among your peers is a great opportunity. To be judged superior is quite an accomplishment.”

When is the deadline?

The competition opens in mid-December 2018 with a deadline of Friday, February 1, 2019, at 11:59 pm EST. Categories requiring original entries to be mailed must be postmarked (not received) by this same date.

What is the entry fee?

      $90/entry (5 or more entries total)
      $100/entry (1-4 entries total)

What issue dates are allowed?

Entries must have an issue date of 2018 (or if part of a series, the majority need to be in that year).

What are the categories?

Publication Categories

Publication of the Year

ASHPE's Premier Award! Choose three consecutive issues of a trade magazine (print only) that demonstrate the continuity of: overall excellence in editorial content, use of staff, graphics presentation, goal attainment, and service to the readers. 

Best Newsletter

Submit three consecutive issues of a regularly-scheduled print newsletter (minimum 4x/year). Judged on overall editorial excellence and service to the readers. 

Best Peer-Reviewed Journal

Choose three consecutive issues of a regularly published (minimum 4x/year), print-only, peer-reviewed medical journal. Judged on overall editorial excellence. 

Best Single Issue

Choose one issue from your regular publishing cycle that demonstrates the best qualities of your print publication (no supplements or special theme issues). Judged on overall editorial excellence. 

Best Special Supplement, Annual or Buyer's Guide

Choose a supplement, buyer's guide or annual that was distributed to your regular print circulation but published separately that incorporates excellent integration of all editorial and graphic elements.  

Best Website

The entry should demonstrate overall excellent editorial content and balance, graphic design, and interactive features that engage an active community.

 IMPORTANT: Please provide all necessary log-in information as judges will not create an account or password to access your website/entry.

Graphics Categories

Best Cover: Computer-Generated

Submit a cover that applies computer-generated elements to support the issue's primary editorial focus.

Best Cover: Illustration

Submit a cover that applies original illustration(s) to support the issue's primary editorial focus.

Best Cover: Photo

Submit a cover that applies photography to support the issue's primary editorial focus.

Best Opening Page / Spread: Computer-Generated

Submit an entry that demonstrates the use of computer-generated graphics to support a feature article.

Best Opening Page / Spread: Photo

Submit an entry that demonstrates the use of photography to support a feature article.

Best Overall Use of Graphics

Choose one issue of your print publication where the graphics are suitability integrated into the editorial content. Judging is based on how well the layout supports the text to deliver relevant and substantive information.

Best Use of Infographics

Submit one article or stand-alone graphic in a PDF file that demonstrates effective use of infographics to illustrate information of relevance to your audience. Judging is based on how well the infographic conveys that information in a meaningful and eye-catching manner.

Editorial Categories (Print & Online)

Best Blog

Submit three entries featuring original commentary as well as interactive elements, such as feedback, links, video, and other Web-based content. Include three separate links, one for each blog post. [If only desiring to submit an entry for one specific blog post, it can be submitted in the Best Commentary category.]

 IMPORTANT: Please provide all necessary log-in information as judges will not create an account or password to access your website/entry.

Best Case History

Submit a complete article about how a single organization identified a problem and applied management techniques and/or technology to solve it. Judged on the editorial initiative, quality of writing, use of sources and value to the reader.

Best Commentary

Submit one bylined commentary, column, editorial or opinion that shows overall writing excellence and analysis of a topic of interest to the audience. 

Best Conference/Trade Show Coverage

Submit the URL to an online package of articles, blogs, news stories, slideshows, videos, product reviews, interviews, panel discussions, and/or other pertinent components of a publication’s event coverage. This category will be judged on timeliness and comprehensiveness of reporting, as well as how well the coverage communicates the most important and relevant elements of the event to the reader.

Best E-Newsletter

Submit one example of a regularly published electronic newsletter that demonstrates overall editorial excellence. Submit the URL of the e-newsletter.

 IMPORTANT: Please provide all necessary log-in information as judges will not create an account or password to access your website/entry.

Best Feature Article

Submit one complete feature article that demonstrates editorial initiative as well as multi-faceted writing and reporting skills. Use of illustration and graphics to support the editorial content is a plus, but the focus is on the writing.

Best Feature Article Series

The entry should investigate a topic from its various aspects. Series should have run in two or more issues of a publication throughout the year and carry an identifying logo or flagging. Submit all pertinent articles in their entirety.

Best How-To Article

Submit one complete article, or series, on a single topic that walks a reader through the necessary steps to perform or be knowledgeable about a particular activity or subject. Concise writing should make it clear for the reader to apply the process described.

Best Human Interest Article

Submit a complete article about a significant accomplishment achieved by an individual person or a group of people within the healthcare community. Focus on how these people made a difference in an area of need, fighting for a cause, or in their workplace. Judged on the editorial initiative, quality of writing, and value/inspiration to the reader.

Best Legislative / Government Article

Submit one complete article that demonstrates initiative, reporting and analysis/interpretation pertaining to legislative or government developments of importance to the audience.

Best New Department

Submit three examples of a regularly published department that was launched in the previous year. In the "Statement," explain why the department was created as well as what editorial resources were deployed to expand your coverage into a new area.

Best News Coverage

Submit three examples of a complete, regularly appearing news section covering a variety of topics. Entries will be judged on timely analysis as well as comprehensiveness.  

Best Original Research

Submit a single article that is based on independent and original research conducted by the publication's staff.

Best Profile

Submit one complete article that focuses on a single individual, organization or company; should offer readers an incisive look at background, strategies and philosophy which are relevant to them.

Best Regular Department

Submit three examples from separate issues (print and/or online) of an entire department that appears regularly (minimum 4x/year).

Best Single News Article

Submit one complete news article that demonstrates initiative, reporting and analysis on a topic important to the audience.

Best Special Report / Section

Submit a complete example of a single-subject special report/section appearing in the body of a single issue of a publication. If appropriate, also include links to any online components of the report/section.

Best Use of Social Media

Submit evidence of your brand extension into one or more social media, demonstrating interaction with a community while maintaining editorial excellence.  This is not meant to be a showcase of all your social media efforts -- the idea is to show us how your use of social media helped enhance and extend the reach of a specific article or a topic.  Include links to the respective social sites engaged (e.g., Facebook thread of comments, Twitter posts, LinkedIn, etc.).  Multiple URLs are permitted, but they should all point to content that is linked to a central article or topic.

 IMPORTANT: Please provide all necessary log-in information as judges will not create an account or password to access your website/entry.

Best Use of Video

Submit the URL to an online video produced and/or developed by your editorial staff. This video should demonstrate initiative, reporting and analysis on a topic important to your audience, as well as technical proficiency.

 IMPORTANT: Please provide all necessary log-in information as judges will not create an account or password to access your website/entry.

How do I enter?

When entering a submission in our competition, you will need to follow these procedures:
1.) Create an account online by completing the information in the Profile section (or if you've already created an account, simply log-in with your user-name and password, both case-sensitive). This information is where all correspondence regarding your entries will be sent, including award notifications and plaque deliveries (include suite numbers, if applicable).  

2.) Go to the "Manage Entries" section of your account to enter your competition entries, making certain to complete all fields accurately. The following information is what is needed for each entry submitted:

Publication Name
Title of Entry
Issue Date(s)
Name(s) to Appear on Award (up to 5, no titles)
URL: Only required for applicable entries
Entry Statement: answer the following questions in 200 words or less. Note that this "Statement" portion is a very important element for the judges, so be clear, concise and informative:
A) Your publication's mission and audience
B) The intent of the entry as it relates to this respective category submission
C) The significance to the readers
Note: Oftentimes the first component of the Statement (A) is the same for all entries from the same publication and the second two components (B&C) basically tell the judges "why you did what you did" in this entry and why it deserves recognition. 

Can I submit multiple entries in a single category?

Yes, this is a common practice with this competition.

Can I submit the same material in more than one category?

Entrants may not submit the same material in more than one category, with the exception of:

  • the same item can be entered in both an editorial and a graphics category
  • one segment of a series can be entered in a single category
  • the entire issue that contains an entry can also be entered in one of the Publication categories
  • one of the issues submitted for "Publication of the Year" can also be entered as a "Best Single Issue" entry

Can I enter submissions that appeared in a digital publication for the Editorial Categories?

YES!  The judges look at content (and graphic support, in some cases), so it doesn't matter if it originally appeared in a traditional print or digital format.

What category submissions cannot be uploaded electronically?

Due to high page volume, the following categories require that original copies be mailed in according to the competition guidelines:

  • Publication of the Year 
  • Best Newsletter
  • Best Peer-Reviewed Journal
  • Best Single Issue
  • Best Special Supplement, Annual or Buyer's Guide
  • Best Overall Use of Graphics

What do I get if I win?

Most importantly, bragging rights! Also, an electronic version of our award-winning logo to feature in all aspects of your brand identities, as well as an attractive, high-quality marble plaque to proudly display.

How will I know if I won an award?

Winners will be announced on or around May 1st (watch the website for updates). Letters will be e-mailed to the Contact Person on file and a comprehensive list will be posted to our website. 

Who won last year?

Click here to see a list of the previous year's award winners.

What about any fine print?

Yes, here it is. Upon entering, you agree to the following: I am a staff member or a contributing writer/editor of a U.S.-based healthcare publication (magazine, newsletter, online). I understand that all entries become the property of ASHPE and that ASHPE reserves the right to post winning entries and respective information on its website and/or any promotional or membership materials. I understand that the decision of the judges is final and that no liability whatsoever will be held against ASHPE or its agents, including Membership Services, of whom ASHPE is managed by and a part of, an unincorporated organization. I understand that entries not meeting all of the requirements will be rejected and that all fees are non-refundable.

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