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ASHPE Awards Competition 2016

Rules & FAQ's

Who is eligible to participate?

This awards competition is open to editors and graphic artists working for general healthcare business publications, both print and online. Some healthcare-related custom publications (e.g., those produced for a specific trade association) are also eligible to compete. Publications commissioned and sponsored by single vendors (e.g., pharmaceutical or insurance companies) or that promote specific products are ineligible and will be disqualified without a refund.

When is the deadline?

Entry forms and submissions must be uploaded by Monday, February 1, 2016 (categories requiring original entries to be mailed must be postmarked by this same date).

What category submissions cannot be uploaded electronically?

If you are entering in any of the following categories which require the judges to review an entire issue of a print publication, please submit your competition entry form and payment method online (can be entered at the same time as any other entries you are submitting); however, instead of uploading an entire issue, you are required to mail in TWO copies of your original print publication, placed in separate manila-type envelopes. On the outside of each envelope, securely attach a completed mailing label.  Package both envelopes together and ship to the mailing address below.

CATEGORIES that require the originals to be mailed in:

  • Publication of the Year 
  • Best Custom Publication
  • Best Newsletter
  • Best Peer-Reviewed Journal
  • Best Single Issue
  • Best Special Supplement, Annual or Buyer's Guide
  • Best Overall Use of Graphics

What is the mailing address?

ASHPE Competition Management
1314 Sharonbrook Drive
Twinsburg, OH  44087

What issue dates are allowed?

Entries must have a 2015 issue date (or if part of a series, the majority need to be in 2015).

Can I submit multiple entries in a single category?

Yes, this is a common practice with this competition.

Can I submit the same material in more than one category?

Entrants may not submit the same material in more than one category, with the exception of:

  • the same item can be entered in both an editorial and a graphics category
  • one segment of a series can be entered in a single category
  • the entire issue that contains an entry can also be entered in one of the Publication categories
  • one of the issues submitted for "Publication of the Year" can also be entered as a "Best Single Issue" entry

Can I enter submissions that appeared in a digital publication for the Editorial Categories?

YES!  The judges look at content (and graphic support, in some cases), so it doesn't matter if it originally appeared in a traditional print or digital format.

Where should I enter Blog posts?

 If you would like to submit just one blog entry for consideration, then use the Best Commentary category (pdf attachment).  If you'd like to be considered for the Best (overall) Blog award, then submit three samples in the Best Blog category (submit all three URLs, not a pdf).

What should I upload for the Best Subject-Related Integrated Package category?

This category requires the judges to look at both the written and the online versions; therefore, for this category please upload a .pdf of the entry and then in the "Statement" portion of the entry form, also include the URL of the online version being considered (as well as any passwords or access codes the judges may need).

I need help uploading attachments.

For the majority of the categories, upload the entry itself in a PDF format in the respective entry field. The maximum file size is approximately 5mb. If you have trouble uploading your document, check the file size -- this is the most common problem with uploading documents.

Only one file can be uploaded to your entry, so if the category you are entering requires multiple examples, please combine those into one pdf document (it won't work if you try to combine and zip three separate files).

If you accidentally upload the wrong document, simply re-attach the correct document and the new one will replace the former one.

Can I finish entering my competition entries later?

You are able to return to the site and edit your entries up until payment is made--after that you will not be able to make any changes. 

Can I mail a check instead of paying with a credit card online?

Unfortunately, no.  If this presents a problem, sometimes a special exemption may be made but the final decision is at the discretion of ASHPE management.  Contact them to discuss the issue. 

How will I know if I won an award?

Upon winning an award, the "Contact Person" will be notified (typically in late April). The website will be updated with an official announcement date, and then a complete list of winners following that.

What about Online entries?

  • IMPORTANT: if a password or profile is required for entrance to your site, one must be provided for the judges - they will not create their own log-in! Don't let your entry be disqualified because the judges couldn't access the site.
  • provide the URL that includes all interactive links that relate to the specific competition entry, no more and no less.
  • screen-shots/printouts are not needed as these entries are judged, in part, on the interactivity of the online publications.

How many names can I have listed on my award if I win?

There is a maximum of five names (no titles) allowed. If more than five people were involved, simply put a collective name such as "Editorial Team."  Note: ASHPE will not be held responsible for spelling errors (on awards or otherwise) due to incorrect information that was submitted. It also reserves the right to abbreviate certain words, if needed, for space considerations.

What about any fine print?

Yes, here it is. Upon entering, you agree to the following: I am a staff member or a contributing writer/editor of a U.S.-based healthcare publication (magazine, newsletter, online). I understand that all entries become the property of ASHPE, and that ASHPE reserves the right to post winning entries and respective information on its website and/or any promotional or membership materials. I understand that the decision of the judges is final and that no liability whatsoever will be held against ASHPE or its agents, including Membership Services, of whom ASHPE is managed by and a part of, an unincorporated organization. I understand that entries not meeting all of the requirements will be rejected, and that all fees are non-refundable.

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